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The Indo-German Artist-Duo


The artist duo Thyra Holst from Germany and Anjan Ghosh from India are overriding their cultural and geographical distances. 

Together, they set out to find ATINDRYA ... join them!



ATINDRYA is a Hindu philosophy. It is a perception beyond the reach of our five senses. It may be called the sixth sense, because it supplements seeing, feeling, smelling, tasting and hearing with our inner perception. It is the sensitivity, which defines us as social beings and is unique to each individual.

Hinduism is characterized by a completely open way of thinking. It knows no right or wrong, so definition the term ATINDRYA is left to each person. Please accompany the artist duo in the search for their ATINDRYA, and find the definition of your own ATINDRYA.

The artist duo find their ATINDRYA through the creation of digital paintings. They are visualizations of personal episodes by many superimposed image layers that fascinate through their condensation.

“We are an artist duo working over 7,500 km away. Together we are strong and find a balance. As a duo, our creativity, discussion, motivation and discipline as well as our intercultural constellation intensifies exponentially."

Thyra Holst
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KULTUREN IM DIALOG - Brücken bauen und Mauern einreißen